Insurance is a necessary part of life. It’s what protects people and property from disaster or casual accidents. When you must transport horses, you need a strong horsebox to suit your needs. Along with that, a good policy is also vital. There are a variety of policies out there claiming to offer the best coverage and rates, but these are some imperative features of a policy that you would be sorry to neglect.

1. Never Cut Corners
Horse owners know that transporting horses can be difficult. You should always look for comprehensive policies with third party fire and theft options that cater towards domestic, pleasure and business use for your vehicle. The best way to look for the most coverage is to compare different quotes and investigate reviews for others who purchased from different companies.

2. Don’t Ignore Regulations
Some horse owners are surprised to find that their policies have been invalidated because they were not allowed to tow or drive a horsebox. There are regulations regarding the weight of a vehicle, trailer and limits that you should also pay attention to when choosing a policy. If you do not have the right licence or you have placed too much weight on the vehicle, your insurance will be considered invalid. There is a handy site on to help called Guidance for Horsebox and Trailer Owners.

3. Never Make False Claims
Insurers have a variety of tools and methods for understanding consumers. More than likely, if you are not honest with an insurer or broker, you will pay for it later either with an invalid policy or cancelled policy. You should always give the most accurate information when requesting quotes. If you have to make a claim in the future, you always want to make sure that your information is accurate and presentable for your company.

4. What About Extras
Some providers have additional options like roadside assistance and alternative transport. There are even options for emergency stabling. If you want these extras and feel they are important, then you should look for policies with specific features for horse owners.

5. Secure Your Horsebox
Insurance policies often bring down rates when you have added security on your horsebox. For example, you can add immobilisers and alarms to the trailer or horsebox to receive a discount. As you install more security measures, you’ll receive better discounts and lower rates.

6. Make Sure You’re Covered
If you do travel a lot with your horses, then you need to make sure everything is accounted for in your policy. For example, do you leave your horsebox unattended with equipment in the open? If something happens to the equipment inside of the trailer, will your policy cover the replacement costs? How much will it cover? These are the specifics that you should have answered before choosing a policy.

7. Ask Friends About Insurance Policies
Most likely, you will find a specialist who insures horseboxes and trailers as opposed to a general broker. These specialists will have more options and understand your needs better as a horse owner. They may even be able to provide answer to a few problems that you hadn’t thought of yet.

8. Secure Parking Area
You should also mind where your store your horsebox when you are at shows or at home. A secure parking area with a locked gate is ideal. At shows, you should select areas with good lighting near stewards as this will deter break-ins.

Cover is essential if you are a savvy horse owner and love traveling with your horses. If you participate in various shows, you’ll want your horses and equipment to be cared for and well-protected with a comprehensive policy.