If you deliver anything to customers, be it products or newspapers, then you should consider getting courier insurance. This is a special type of policy that will keep you covered if anything happens to the items that you are delivering. While this is an additional cost that you may not want to pay, there are many benefits to getting a policy.

One of the biggest reasons business owners don’t get the right cover is because they mistakenly think that their car or van policy will cover them. Vehicle insurance is essential if you need a car, truck or other vehicle for your business because you might have an accident or other problem.

While a standard car policy will protect the vehicle, the vast majority of policies will not protect items if you are delivering them for a fee.

Goods In Transit Cover Protects Against Damage

While you will do your best to deliver the package safely, even the best couriers experience problems. Having an accident, taking a sharp turn or improperly packing the truck can lead to a package being damaged. If you don’t have goods in transit cover, then you’ll have to pay for the damages. If the item is very expensive or critical, then you may even be sued.

Comprehensive cover will pay for these damages. While you’ll need a policy that matches the value of your cargo, you should have no problems getting coverage if something does happen to one or more of your packages.

Different Types of Policies

There are many different types of policies, but there are two main ones that you should be aware of. The first one is a personal policy. This is for one driver. If you have two or three drivers, then you will need a personal policy for all of them. This is the best option if you have a small business and just a few drivers because fleet insurance will be too expensive.

Fleet cover is the best for larger companies with many drivers, trucks and packages. Aside from offering higher levels of protection, this type of policy will protect every truck and driver. Instead of needing a policy for each driver, a fleet policy will ensure that everyone is covered.

Consider Value

You must consider the value of your cargo when getting a quote. If you commonly carry very expensive cargo, then be sure to get a lot of protection. Lying or underestimating the value of your cargo to save on your premiums can lead to problems when you seek protection if something is damaged.


If you deliver documents, then you must tell the insurer when getting a quote. Documents require special coverage because of what they symbolize. For example, if you transport financial documents for another company, then you’ll need to have a premiumn that covers the loss, damage or theft of these documents.

Failing to get the proper amount of coverage can lead to massive damages because companies do not want this information leaked. Even if you are only delivering documents once or twice a year, be sure to talk to your broker to let them know what you are doing.


If you deliver packages, then courier insurance might be essential. It largely matters on what you deliver and how valuable your cargo is, but the majority of businesses will benefit from this protection because they won’t have to worry about damages. Be sure to consider the value of your cargo before getting a policy.